Promote in Style

With the QFM Soundcard you can bring attention to your music in a unique way. Not only can the recipient of the card download your music with a unique code. At the same time it is a high quality business card with your contact details. In that way you make your music easily accessible for your new fans or potential bookers.

We deliver a personalized download page where the recipient can download your music. Via this page you’ve got the possibility to increase your fan base on social media or your mailing list.


Create and design your card artwork. Just like with vinyl or cd’s the artwork of the card is important. It has to be appealing and a good representation of what you and your music is all about. With the templates on this page you have total control to design your card. Get inspired by earlier designs in our gallery.

If you do not have the skills, time or software we can help you out with designing a neat download card that fits your style. Specify your needs and you will receive a free quote.

Download your template to deliver your artwork in the right way

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The QFM Soundcard is co-created by experienced musicians. We are familiar with all the stress that is there when you are working towards a new release.

Therefore it is our mission to  work together and make a plan to create something we can be proud of and that you want to share with your audience and business relations.

The QFM Soundcard has the same dimensions and quality as that of a bank or credit card
No time, skills or software to design a Soundcard? We can help you with the design!
Get more followers on social media via personalized download page which is included