Business Card 2.0

When releasing new music a lot of artists choose to just release it digitally. No high pressing costs, no problems with distribution, packaging, bar codes and so on.

But how do you get your music to the attention of the audience after a gig? QFM Soundcard offers the ability to present your music physically in a stylish way for new fans and potential bookers.

Selling in a Unique Way

Of course you can also use the card to sell your music. You have the ability to get as much content you want to put on the card. Your digital media can be anything from music and videos to photos and documents!


The QFM Soundcard is printed on high quality plastic with a thickness of 0.76mil. The dimensions are 85.5 x 54mm. This comes down to the same quality as a bank or creditcard.

Each card has its own unique code that can be used to redeem your music on a personalized download page.

logo-music-maker“Fabian is a musician himself and experienced all the stress over late pressed albums, poorly printed and unclear communication with presses. Therefore, he released his last single on a QFM Soundcard.”