QFM Soundcoaster

It may sound a little disrespectful to have your record used as a coaster. But imagine that your name appears every time a glass is lifted.

Do you want to present your music in a unique way, as well as making an unforgettable impression? Let your sound resonate with every toast!

With the QFM Soundcoaster you can print the artwork of your band or your new release on a beer mat. In combination with the personalized download portal it’s possible to download your music directly.



Create and design your artwork. Just like with vinyl or CDs the artwork of the card is important. It has to be appealing and should be a good representation of what you and your music is all about. With the templates on this page you have total control to design your coaster.

If you do not have the skills, time or software, we can help you out with designing a neat coaster that fits your style. Specify your needs and you will receive a free quote.

Download your template to deliver your artwork in the required format:





500 $ 195,-           ORDER
1200 $ 285,-           ORDER
2500 $ 425,-           ORDER
5000 $ 695,-           ORDER
  • We design the personalized download page to your liking
  • The submitted artwork is checked thoroughly before we produce the cards
  • We’ll make a plan for you to get everything finished in time